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Low Emissions Record from New Cars in the UK

Sep 9, 2022

The Verge

New cars on average dropped CO2 emissions by 11 percent to about 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven last year.

With the data from a local industrial group, electric and hybrid vehicles record low emissions in the UK in 2021. While it is a change to be appreciated, investing in charging stations and public transport is the bigger requirement to reach the goal to cut emissions in the UK by 78 percent by 2035.

According to the UK trade association Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), new cars on an average dropped down by 11 percent to about 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven last year. This tells us that the EV’s driven by the drivers play an important role in helping cut down the emissions as transportation(on the roads) releases more than a quarter of the annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Even though the sales of the electric vehicles have doubled in January 2022, there are only 12.5 new cars registered that month. The buyers are bothered by the unavailability of the charging stations which is a block for the fast adoption of EV’s. The UK plans to ban the sale of internal combustion vehicles from 2030 and hybrid cars from 2035.

“There is still a mountain to climb to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions from cars. The 90,000 internal combustion engines that rolled off forecourts this month will continue to pollute and hit motorists in their pockets for another 14 years, on average,” Ben Nelmes, head of policy and research at thinktank New AutoMotive, told The Guardian.

Globally, electric and hybrid vehicles in 2020 are less than 5 percent of passenger car sales. The emissions have rebounded since the pandemic as transport increased. EV’s are not the only solution to reduce pollution and Co2 emissions. Reducing the number of cars on the road, designing more walkable cities and making public transportation more robust can help. We take this moment to introduce our product FORCE that can be connected to your EV charging ports, this will help with reducing emissions and also save your electricity bill. If interested, visit for more information.

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