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We do Electric Energy Saving to protect the Earth and the Environment

Today, electrical energy is the most important energy in our daily lives. Without electricity, we’d be plunged into darkness when the sun went down, our quality of life would suffer, and we’d experience unimaginable inconveniences, including a loss of communication.

However, the critical electrical energy is typically produced by using fossil fuels. These are difficult and expensive to extract into usable energy forms, they even emit Carbon Dioxide, putting a strain on both the economy and the environment. Numerous alternatives are being explored, but their scope and effectiveness are still limited.

ENPOSS, which started as a company that wanted to play even a small role in protecting the earth and the environment, focused solely on energy, especially electric energy saving. As a result of constant thinking and hard work, ENPOSS has been operating with various countries, organizations, and companies for over 15 years with its FORCE(Power Saving Politics) and technology on electric power saving, and has achieved results beyond expectations.

Planting a Tree


We are joining the global movement to save energy, protect the Environment, and become Carbon Neutral. We are also taking the initiative to change the perception of electric saving, which still has much stigma.

We will continue our efforts until we have a more beautiful and livable planet for all of us, and we hope you will join us in doing so.  


Thank you.


From the CEO of ENPOSS

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