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The "Share Electricity, Share Love" campaign

May 30, 2024

Kukmin Ilbo

ENPOSS X Kukmin Ilbo Business Agreement was held.

ENPOSS (CEO Choi Sung-kwon, right) and Kukmin Ilbo (President Byun Jae-woon) signed a business agreement at the Kukmin Ilbo building in Yeouido, Seoul, on the 30th and decided to carry out a campaign to share electricity and love. "Share Electricity, Share Love" is a campaign to reduce the energy of Korean churches to help non-independent churches and missionaries and to practice low-carbon and green growth.

<Winning 'Green Management Award' in the 11th Kukmin mission award>

Installing power-saving equipment developed by ENPOSS in churches can save about 10% of electricity. CEO Choi Sung-kwon explained, "The product itself is receiving great reviews from consumers because it recovers costs from the power saving amount for a certain period without initial installation costs." President Byun Jae-woon said, "I am grateful to participate in this campaign, which saves electricity, saves the environment, and conducts missionary work."

[Extract from Kukmin Ilbo]

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