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F1 Grand Prix Carbon Neutral by 2030

Aug 30, 2022

Channel News Asia

F1 has joined the race with many companies such as Apple, Amazon, and General Motors in the massive undertaking of carbon neutrality.

Formula 1 Grand Prix has always been a gas-guzzling sport. An F1 report published earlier in 2019 estimated that emissions total more than 256,000 tons each season, including both direct and indirect emissions. This is the equivalent of carbon emissions produced by 55,600 cars every year. Out of this, 45 percent comes from air, sea, and road transport required logistically to conduct each race, with an additional 27.7 percent generated from the transport of personnel, promoters, and partners.

The Singapore F1 championship has a goal of net zero emissions by 2030. To attain this, following a full sustainability audit this year, the plan is for two parties to work in tandem to scale back the carbon footprint of the race.

The tournament is taking commendable steps this year to reduce its carbon footprint:

  1. Exploring alternative less carbon-intensive modes of transport for equipment such as ocean freight instead of air.

  2. Handling logistics and supply by having multiple sets of equipment in place for the races, and sourcing items locally whenever possible to reduce overseas transport.

  3. Replacing existing F1 track lighting with more energy-efficient LED lights from 2023, and switching to electric or hybrid support vehicles where applicable.

  4. Developing a proprietary 100% sustainable fuel composed of municipal waste, non-food biomass, and other carbon capture schemes.

  5. Freezing development of new F1 engines to comply with new regulations kicking in this year in a bid to slash costs and reach carbon neutrality.

A collaborative effort by the foremost players in energy-intensive sectors of industry is essential to phasing out fossil fuels and achieving worldwide carbon neutrality. F1 has joined the race with many companies like Apple, Amazon, and General Motors in this massive undertaking. As corporations and as a society, the onus is on us to take purposeful steps towards carbon neutrality.

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