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Deconstructing the Australian Energy Crisis

Jan 31, 2023

The Fifth State

Surging gas prices were seen all over the Australian subcontinent, and the Russia-Ukraine war has worsened the situation.

Australia hasn’t remained untouched by the energy crisis that has been plaguing the world in recent months. Surging gas prices were seen all over the country, and the Russia-Ukraine war has worsened the situation. During the pandemic, many gas companies laid off workers and cut production values for oil and gas. 

Energy Efficiency Council chief executive Luke Menzel stated that aging coal-fired power stations were operating at reduced capacity in Australia, and many have been retired. To add to this, there has been an incredible cold snap on the east coast of Australia, especially in places like Victoria that are heavily reliant on gas for heating.

In terms of buildings and other commercial spaces, all-electric retrofits are being carried out with urgency. This includes electrification of space heating and hot water in large commercial buildings. 

For residential spaces, long-term structural changes would be needed such as the installation of solar water heaters, swapping gas appliances for electric ovens, and gas heaters with reverse cycle air conditioners. 

Energy efficiency initiatives hold great potential to support a green economic recovery, improve energy security, and reduce energy poverty during a crisis. Technology already exists to make large-scale enhancements with far-reaching environmental, economic, and social benefits. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to effective power-saving devices such as FORCE, which saves over 10-15% of overall power. However, it is imperative to ramp up the progress on energy efficiency in all sectors of society to secure an energy future and evade the worst potential consequences of climate change. Start your journey today by collaborating with ENPOSS.

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