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Why save energy? Why Force?

By Emami Shaik, Reference : Save on Energy

Sep 21, 2021

We hear a lot about going green and saving energy. But why do we need to save energy?

The green movement is all over the world, empowering people to become eco-friendly every day. There are a plethora of reasons why you should consider cutting back on energy consumption. Primarily, reducing energy use curbs the carbon emissions into the environment.

This plays a significant role in climate change and is the underlying cause of powerful natural disasters in recent years. Conserving energy results in a higher quality of life with cleaner air quality. It creates a healthier planet. Being conservative with energy will ensure that our beautiful flora and fauna are around for future generations. Environment aside, why save on energy?

The answer is simple: It saves your money! Cutting back is always a good thing because the amount of energy you use can reduce your energy bills, and you have more for your other necessities. With energy conservation though we can physically try to save power, at times, we still need devices that give an additional boost like our product FORCE.

Force is designed to save your electricity, it uses eco-friendly technology. Force improves the current flow and reduces electric power consumption.This dual-action gives you an energy-efficient home.

FORCE does not require a separate power supply, making it safe to install at the main panel when the power is off. It's both easy to install and use. It makes a difference for virtually any use of electricity throughout your property. Advantages: - Saves electricity by 5-15% - Saves on electricity bill 10-20% - Reduces harmonic distortion - Extent lifetime of appliances Force has received patents in five countries, with others under the application. Also certified by green technology, Korea and many countries hence is a globally accepted product. We believe in Progress towards a better tomorrow, Follow Enposs to progress together.

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