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What is Carbon Pricing and how we can help you?

World Resources Institute

Oct 8, 2021

You pollute- you pay. This initiative Can Achieve Both Economic, Social and Climate Benefits.

Carbon Price is an Effective way for the nations to reduce global warming emissions, this cost is levied for the carbon emitted by industries to discourage them from doing so. In simple terms, industries or any large companies need to purchase a permit to release Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

A carbon tax is an approach to mitigate climatic changes caused due to the emissions. The USA and other nations can effectively implement their climate policies through market mechanisms such as carbon taxes and pricing. Carbon prices in markets have not changed much because of the pandemic but it is expected to have a huge rise in the future years.

As many as 70 countries and 20 cities, states, and provinces are using carbon pricing policy and the other nations are planning to implement it in the future. A carbon pricing plan could cover upto 20 % global emissions. In Eu, the carbon price has hit €50 in May 2021 where it was €30 earlier. Canadians are paying $15 now and expecting the price to rise to $38 in 2022. In Britain, it is $25 now, Australia $10, and in the USA $5-15 respectively.

These Carbon Prices are a burden to the one polluting. The economy generated by this can be used to help the poor populations—those with the least capacity to adapt and hit the hardest by droughts, floods and other climate impacts. Solutions that address economic, social and environmental issues together must be sought.

We Enposs can help you in reducing your industrial carbon emission to a huge level and have contributed in reducing 18,121.12 Tonnes of CO2 . To add to this can reduce your energy usage by 5-10% which saves your utility bills upto 10%. Can you imagine the overall savings with FORCE?

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