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Universities that set an example - Oxford and Stanford

Clean Technica & Oxford

Sep 16, 2021

Two of the top colleges set an example and pave the way by using renewable energy and new technologies to fight climate change.

Universities are homes to the creative minds of the future. These are ideal places to lead the transition to a cleaner and greener way of living. Two of the top colleges in the world have set an example to pave the way by using renewable energy and new technologies to fight climate change.

A few of the ways that they plan to implement these include — changes in electricity, heating , usage of campus-owned vehicles and other building energy needs Oxford University outlined an action plan to net zero carbon emission 10 years ahead of the UK’S government’s legal targets.The road map outlines five sectors with the greatest climate impact - domestic, commercial, industry, institutional, and transport.

The roadmap was designed in a way so that in 22 years by 2040 emissions will be reduced to 88%. These are the specific target they will focus on: - Making 55% of the rooftops solar - Resulting in reduction of gas consumption by 25% - Fossil fuel processes electrified by 24% - Transport emission : Electrification of cars ,Encouraging students and employees to commute sustainably by cycling,walking, and car sharing Stanford University in America is also on the way to achieving 100% renewable electricity from 100% solar farms by next summer of 2022.

This is after their solar farm had burned down. Stanford’s biggest solar generating station near Rosamond, California produces up to 67 megawatts of solar generated electricity, which provides for 65% of Stanford’s daytime electricity needs. Recurrent energy has partnered with them to add a 50 megawatt battery to store solar energy for Stanford's night-time electricity needs."Even though we're not getting power at night.We are displacing carbon in the night time,as if we were getting it at night" - says Stagner. Universities are taking steps to work through carbon emission promoting 100% usage of renewables to fight climate change, what are we waiting for?

Try FORCE to add on to the extra benefits gained from such resources. Let's all take responsibility by joining hands and supporting the cause of the future.

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