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Tokyo Olympic Games powered by 100 per cent renewable energy

Euro News

Aug 6, 2021

It is hoped that the Tokyo 2020 Games will leave a hydrogen society as its legacy.

Also known as the ‘Hydrogen Olympics’, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics showcased Japan’s advanced hydrogen technologies . About 24 million kWh of electricity came from 100% renewable sources. 500 fuel cell electric vehicles were used at the Games, hydrogen and propane was used as the fuel for the Olympic and Paralympic Cauldrons and the Torches during part of its journey through Japan.

5000 medals were made from recycled material and about 280,000 tonnes of carbon emission were said to have reduced "The IOC’s ambitious commitment to reduce its carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement is a clear testament to how seriously the IOC addresses the climate crisis and offers a powerful example of how sport can contribute to the global efforts” says HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Chair of the IOC Sustainability and Legacy Commission. “With their immense reach and visibility, the Olympic Games are a great opportunity to demonstrate technologies which can help tackle today’s challenges, such as climate change,” says Marie Sallois, Director for Sustainability at the International Olympic Committee.

This is a new chapter in the history of the Olympics. Sport has the power to change the world and our future.

We at Enposs, celebrate with the rest of the world as we take steps towards creating a sustainable future.

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