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The Renewable Microgrid Project funded for $50 million


Nov 26, 2021

Australia buckled up with the New Microgrid 6-Year plan.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is investing AUS$50 million (US$36 million) to enhance the renewable grid program. It will be implemented in two stages — A$30 million available from launch through next year, and A$20 million through the year after. This plan’s main aim is to address energy poverty and affordable renewable energy for remote populations.

This will boost reliability in weak parts of the electricity grid and reduce the need for polluting diesel generation. ARENA CEO Darren Miller said: “Whether it’s maintaining electricity supply during and after emergencies such as bushfires and floods, or improving the reliability and security of power supply in remote communities, this program will showcase the diverse benefits microgrids offer regional Australia.” Microgrids are a small self-sufficient combination of solar, wind, wave power, and battery storage energy systems that share energy from interconnected small-scale technologies like solar and batteries with small communities.

With the decreasing cost of solar, batteries, and energy management technology now it is easy to overcome the expensive, polluting, and unreliable electricity supplies. Using a combination of solar, wind, wave power, and battery storage show 2/3rd more energy generation than fuel. The Benefits of Using Microgrids: - Improving operation local energy delivery - Provide efficient, low-cost, clean energy - Aiding economic growth - Helping to counter climate change(Enable highly-efficient CHP, reducing fuel use, line losses, and carbon footprint) - Encouraging renewable energy adoption - Faster Construction Microgrids are a great opportunity for remote areas to switch to renewable energy, reduce emissions, costs, and fuel.

Projects will include solar energy, energy storage, hydrogen and diesel generators to develop a system that can be connected with the grid network.

We Enposs are always determined and focused to increase energy efficiency along with reducing carbon footprints, we are delighted to see the development of eco-friendly technology in Australia.

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