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The Energy Efficiency Hub - Collaboration of 16 countries


Mar 16, 2022

While we are still recovering from the pre-pandemic scene it is clear that we still fall short of what is needed to reach the “net-zero” goal by 2050.

The Energy Efficiency Hub – is a global platform for the collaboration of countries aiming to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits that come with practising the efficient use of energy. It was launched on 1 December at an event hosted at the International Energy Agency in Paris.

The Hub’s initial members are to be 16 countries including the U.S. The launch event showed models of digitalisation, efficient equipment, appliance deployment, energy efficiency technologies, and its management to provide the optimal output to these best-practised methods. The IEA’s annual update on the global energy scenario states that while the developments in energy efficiency have been improved, they are also still recovering from the pre-pandemic scene and still fall short of what is needed to reach the “net-zero” goal by 2050. “I consider energy efficiency to be the very ‘first fuel’ because it is crucial to address climate change and make our energy supplies more secure while also leaving money in our pockets,” said Fatih Birol, the IEA Executive Director.

The Hub is an important instrument for countries to learn from each other's developments and discoveries in this field and work together to strengthen their efficiency policies. As a part of such collaborations working towards energy efficiency,We Enposs introduced a device called Force which reduces energy consumption by 10% and increases your energy efficiency by 7%.

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