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The Dilemma of Renewable Energy

Power Technology

Oct 12, 2021

Renewable energy usage has constantly increased over the years, but are we really achieving the target output? Globally, policies have largely driven the expansion of renewable energy.

The global power sector is noticing a progressive transition from conventional power-generating sources toward cleaner energy technologies. The renewables share was 8.6% of the global energy mix in 2010 and is expected to increase to 22.5% in 2020 as per a recent research report by GlobalData.

Ambitious energy policies that various countries have implemented has largely driven this expansion of renewable energy. “The growth of renewable power has gained momentum in the past decade in various countries, helped by a supportive policy and regulatory framework, the reduced cost of renewable electricity generation attained due to technological advances, rising electricity demand, energy security, and environmental concerns,” says GlobalData analyst Sneha Susan. “Renewable energy is being utilised in power generation, transport, rural/off-grid power, and heating and cooling.” Although this is great news, there are equally great challenges. - Firstly there is a high difficulty in expanding Renewable Energy due to fluctuation in the weather, heating and cooling, supply-demand, and less knowledge of what sources are available and what is needed.

The geographical location and natural conditions in a region can be a form of barrier to renewable energy development. - The rapid growth of population and demand for energy is high and governments are focused on producing energy with cheap resources. With the advanced technologies usage of coal is being much cleaner and cheaper which is a major reason to neglect the clear Renewable Energy sources. - Acceptance of other technologies by consumers and governments are very less due to the fear of unreliability; Most of this equipment is usually not readily available in many countries it is being imported which drive high costs Despite impressive achievements, greater efforts and closer collaboration between the public and the private sector are required to double the global share of renewables by 2030.

In 2000 it was expected to reach the RE goal by 2030 but now we are aiming for 2050 in spite of the constant increase in Renewable Energy we are still developing.

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