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May storms help UK set a new record for wind power generation

Julia Kollewe, THE GUARDIAN

Jul 8, 2021

Windfarm turbines provided nearly two-thirds of Britain’s electricity.

The powerful gale-force winds that blew across Britain on 21st May have helped the country reach a new all-time high for electricity generated from wind turbines. Almost 18 gigawatts of power was generated on the UK’s electricity system, enough to power over 5 million homes.

Data from the National Grid showed that wind contributed upto 62.5% to Britain’s electricity, following a record of 59.9% from August 2020, when gale-force winds were brought by the storms Ellen and Francis. 2020 was the greenest year on record for Britain’s electricity system, when average carbon intensity (the measure of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of electricity consumed) reached a new low, according to National Grid.

An independent climate think tank, Ember, said the UK’s renewable electricity outpaced its fossil fuel generation for the first time last year and could remain the largest source of electricity in the future. It revealed that renewable energy generated by wind, sunlight, water and wood made up 42% of the UK’s electricity last year compared with 41% generated from gas and coal plants together.

Nature has proven that it provides us with a plethora of options for our energy use. Let’s choose to give back by using renewable energy sources that save our environment.

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