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Little Actions - Big Changes


Nov 9, 2021

Taking action for climatic changes feels like a huge thing to take care of ; but what if they are as simple as our daily routines?

We often hear that even small acts, when done consistently, can make a big impact. In the same way, our simple daily actions towards conserving energy and saving the environment can also help us reach our goal to achieve a healthy and safe environment.

If you’re wondering why it’s important to save energy at home, the reasons are simple: reducing power usage is better for the environment. You’ll help keep the air cleaner and conserve resources. Being energy-efficient also implies being budget-efficient — saving energy saves money. Being aware that saving the environment is our responsibility goes a long way. Teaching our children values and ways of saving energy at home will make them feel responsible at an early age and create good habits that last a lifetime.

Fews things to change in our daily routine:

1. Use public transportation – Reduce your energy usage by carpooling, taking the train, or biking to work!

2. Keep the oven door closed while cooking: The temperature in your oven can drop 25 degrees or more every time you open the oven door

3. Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes: Using dishwashers and clothes washers are designed to use them only when they are full

4. Use Fans When Appropriate: We are very much adapted to AC but using strategically placed fans can cool the whole workspace

5. Turn Off Computer: To prevent energy waste, shut your computers when they are not in use.

6. Dry Naturally: Dry your dishes, clothes naturally to sunlight and air. Try to dry your hair in the air wherever possible it also helps your hair growth

7. Use renewable energy sources: Converting your energy usage from fuel to renewables sources slowly will help you a lot

8. Use doors and curtains: You can use your doors and windows for lighting and cooling purposes

9. Heating and Cooling Appliances: We should install a thermostat to maintain the temperature and use appliances less, taking shorter shower times with hot and cool water.

10. Using Power Saving Devices: With the increase in technology, we are now have many power-saving devices like “FORCE” Using Power saving devices wisely can help us, devices like Force which are eco-friendly can also save upto 10% of energy usage and reduce our carbon emissions and electricity bills.

Let’s us all give back to our Mother Earth, and the beautiful thing is “IF WE SAVE NATURE, NATURE SAVES US”

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