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Lights that have “Stolen the Night”

Dark Sky

Oct 5, 2021

Using Artificial Lights carefully can save our delicate ecosystem but using it the wrong way could destroy everything.

The International Dark-Sky Association defines light pollution as, “ the presence of unwanted, inappropriate, or excessive artificial lighting.” Light pollution is a side-effect of industrial advancement.

The sources include exterior and interior lighting, illuminated advertising, outdoor area lighting (such as car parks), offices, factories, streetlights etc. It has been estimated that 83 percent of the world's population live under light-polluted skies and that 23 percent of the world’s land area is affected by skyglow which is brightening the night sky over exposed areas, according to Dark Sky.

For billions of years, life has existed in a pattern of light and dark that was created solely by celestial bodies the Sun, Moon and stars. Now, artificial lights have disrupted the natural day-night cycle by overpowering the natural dark causing cities to glow. It might seem like a simple problem but has some serious implications. The effects it has on the environment are progressively increasing. The shift between day and night rules our physiology, it triggers biological cues that unleash a series of reactions that regulate sleep-wake cycles.

Light pollution interferes with these functions causing our bodies to malfunction. Studies show that light pollution also impacts animal behaviors, such as migration patterns.

For example the sea turtles and birds guided by moonlight during migration get confused, lose their way, and often die. Excessive light also releases emissions due to the reflection of the lights towards the sky. Light pollution is reversible. All of us together can make a difference by starting at our own home.

The need for action is now. Minimizing lights from your own home at night will be appreciated by the flora and fauna around your locality.This also can save a lot of electricity and can control carbon pollution. Spread the word!

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