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Ikea aims to be more ‘climate positive’


Sep 28, 2021

Ikea is looking at the complete value chain from the producers, to supplies and finally customers to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Ikea, the world’s largest furniture brand, is to sell renewable energy to households in Sweden and aims to expand their market to more countries soon. Ingka, the owner of most Ikea stores around the world said, “Every household would be able to buy affordable renewable electricity from solar and wind and the usage could be tracked through an app”. Ikea understands the importance of supply chain sustainability, and launched a new supplier program that will enable its 1,600 suppliers to use 100% renewable electricity in their production.

About two-thirds of IKEA’s climate footprint is connected to the supply chain. this programme will be directly introduced to three of largest purchasing countries - Poland,China and India Ikea stores are now equipped with more than 900,000 solar panels and 500 on-site wind turbines.

As the cost of renewable electricity has come down the transition to renewables has been easy like having in store heating and cooling powered by these sources. "IKEA wants to build the biggest renewable energy movement together with co-workers, customers and partners around the world, to help tackle climate change together."Jonas Carlehed, head of sustainability at IKEA Sweden, says.

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