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Hurricane Ida and the “Catastrophic damages” to the Grid


Oct 1, 2021

Cat 4 Ida inflicted damage where thousands of trees and power poles have fallen to the ground submerged in the flooded water including power outages that lasted for weeks.

The hurricane Ida that hit the North-eastern United States on the 26th Aug to 4th Sept 2021 is the 6th costliest tropical cyclone on record. After Hurricane Katrina, Ida falls second for its intensity and damage caused in the state of Louisiana.

The stormy winds crashed at about 150 mph (241 kph) into the state. More than half a million people were left without electricity. Entergy is an electricity company which helps in electric power production and transmission to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas with its headquarters at New Orleans. Cat 4 Ida inflicted what power company Entergy ETR -0.1% refers to as “catastrophic transmission damage” where thousands of trees and power poles have fallen to the ground submerged in the flooded water. They have been warned of “extended power outages lasting for six weeks. According to prnewswire the estimated 950,000 customers affected is second only to Hurricane Katrina's 1.1 million who were left without power.

Restoration has begun with crews beginning to assess the damage done and develop the affected areas. 71% of Entergy New Orleans customer’s power was restored after eight days of the Hurricane. 51% of 902,000 customers restored power regionally. Some regions outside, which are the eastern edge of Orleans parish, will get power by the end of September. As of today the crew is still trying to clean the damage and electricity is still lacking in some places.

To avoid future risks the grids need to be toughened and stabilised that can withhold any form of natural calamity. The importance of energy efficiency in times like these cannot be stressed on enough.

By opting for FORCE you can instantly make a choice to reduce your electricity consumption from 10-20%. Let's save our grid together!

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