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How much electricity does a Gaming PC consume?

Computer InfoBits

Jan 4, 2022

With the rising costs, electricity pricing should be a major concern for gamers. Most PC users don't realise the amount a machine consumes.

Since the lockdown that happened in 2020 there has been a major spike in gaming users. It has become a part of many lives. But the question of how much power a gaming pc consumes and how much electricity is being used rarely crosses our mind. With the rising costs around the world, electricity pricing should be a major concern for gamers.

Most PC users don't realise the amount of energy one’s machine consumes and end up with a huge bill. According to “A gaming computer requires somewhere between 300 – 500 watts per hour to operate. This roughly translates to 1400 kWh annually and is six times higher than a laptop’s power usage. About three refrigerators, six conventional desktop computers and ten gaming consoles can be powered up with this electricity. However, these figures vary, depending on the gaming PC features, such as the installed hardware and software and usage frequency.” On a global scale, those playing on PCs use about 75 billion-kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which is almost equal to 25 electric power plants.

The more the power used, the more co2 emissions are released. Some of the reasons for more power consumption from gaming PCs could be : outdated technology with poor quality parts, running heavy software applications and accumulation of dust. It is always advisable to keep a check on the electricity consumption by checking the power meter or by using an online calculator.

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