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Jun 16, 2021

The real cost of a heat wave is on the environment and on our expenses. The record high heat wave that hit a few states is a cause for concern as it puts stress on the power grid.

More than 40 million Americans were caught between sweltering spells this week, with some spots soaring over 120 degrees across the West. The power prices across the U.S. West peaked since the February power outage, when natural gas pipelines and wind turbines froze in Texas leaving millions without power.

The ISO said that it needed to take steps to reduce electricity use, including a call for public conservation to avoid outages. These severe weather patterns have been, linked to changes in our global climate. Climate change has brought with it a rise in frequency and intensity of heat waves. The heat waves have devastating effects on agriculture, health, weather patterns, and much more.

The California power grid operator told the general public to be prepared to conserve energy if needed as air conditioners were cranked up to escape the heat. This means higher electricity demand and cost. Specifically, cost to you. These continued severe heat waves are in no good news for your spending budget or the U.S. power grid.

Using electricity prudently and investing in technologies that save energy can significantly lower your expenses. This also ensures that your electricity is used efficiently without putting additional stress on the power grid or your budget.

Our product Force, saves electricity from 10~20%, can lower expense from 5~10% and reduce your carbon footprint. There is hope, together we can make a change, for a better future. Let's save our planet and fight climate change together.

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