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Energy Efficiency - How much do we know


Apr 29, 2022

By considering the long-term costs, energy efficiency becomes an investment for the future with substantial returns

We all consider that we know more or less about energy efficiency. We make an attempt to switch off the lights, the air conditioners and fans when we leave the room and close the refrigerator door immediately when the work is done. In today’s society, it is more important than ever before to crunch down our energy use to save both money and the environment.Many enterprises are available in today's market to help reduce energy use, including regulations from the EPA to save billions on energy bills and reduce the need for new power supplies.

Here are few Energy Efficient Myths most of us don't know about Energy Audits : Energy Audits are where a third party examines and suggests where improvement can be made. With these energy audits investments can be put into making your offices/building and homes more energy efficient .

Energy Efficiency is Expensive : When businesses are asked why they haven’t taken steps to become more energy efficient, the answer is often because it is considered too expensive. This isn’t true! Energy efficiency brings returns in the long term.

Setting the thermostat temperature to a higher degree heats the home faster : No matter what temperature you set your thermostat, your furnace or boiler will work equally as hard and fast to meet that objective.The only difference is setting the temperature to a higher degree is that it will work for a longer period of time, therefore using more energy. Leaving a light on uses less energy than turning it off and on several times Even though a higher level of current is needed to turn on a light, this is only used for a fraction of a second. When a light is kept on, it uses a lower level of power but for much longer. Leaving a light on for longer than a few seconds uses more energy than turning it off and back on as needed.

Sleep mode or hibernate mode is just fine for computers overnight : Putting your computer to sleep mode consumes a lot of energy when turning your systems back on at the same time .Hence it is best to shutdown your computer when not in use.

Having a Fireplace at home can save energy : Having a fireplace is good but fireplaces are inefficient and a major source of heat loss during winter.

Hand Washing dishes is more efficient : According to RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) , hand-washing dishes uses more hot water than a dishwasher, which means more energy cost to run the water heater. By considering the long-term costs, energy efficiency becomes an investment for the future with substantial returns.

By changing the way we think about energy efficiency, the upfront costs seem justifiable. These are only a few of the many myths around energy efficiency , once you know the difference between energy efficiency and energy consumption, the long-term investment of energy efficiency you can then make investing in it an objective that will save you much in return. Invest in FORCE today!

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