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Electrical losses that you pay for

Schneider Electric

Nov 12, 2021

Did you know that electricity is made miles away and has to travel a long way before it reaches our homes? These miles of transmission cause losses. Read on to find out more

When we flip a switch or plug in a cord electricity comes through, but did you know that electricity is made miles away and has to travel a long way before it reaches our homes?

Huge miles of transmission and distribution cause electrical losses (which mean you lose a part of electricity that powers our home). The major energy losses happen in transformers and power lines. The electricity is transformed through transformers to increase the voltage to push the power for long distances. Smaller transformers reduce the voltage again to make the power safe to use in our homes. There are multiple high and low voltage transformers where the energy fluctuates and while transforming that have high chances of leakages and breakages.

Consider the main parts of a typical Transmission & Distribution network , here are the average values of power losses at the different steps*: - 1-2% – Step-up transformer from the Generator to Transmission line - 2-4% – Transmission line - 1-2% – Step-down transformer from the Transmission line to Distribution network - 4-6% – Distribution network transformers and cables The overall losses between the power plant and consumers are then in the range between 8 and 15% in total. (* The journey from the power plant to our homes) With technologies evolving around the world losses are being controlled but still, there is a gap between the electricity generated and the electricity used.

We pay our bills for the electricity generated. Some losses are unavoidable but, what if there is a way to minimize the losses that happen by the time it reaches our home?

For the In-House losses, we cover you with Force ,it reduces your energy losses the moment it reaches your home by 10% and in turn reduces your electricity bill by 15%. Get the most out of what you pay for, use FORCE!

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