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Digital Technology and Decarbonization

The Verge

May 17, 2022

It isn’t sufficient for the electrical grid to be robust and reliable, it needs to be able to function autonomously and digital technologies are crucial to getting us there.

The energy hierarchy is a useful way to visualize priorities when it comes to tackling the major issues in the energy sector. Going greener and cleaner, that is shifting to renewable sources while reducing carbon emissions are a couple of the priorities outlined in the energy hierarchy and digital technology has emerged as a crucial counterpart to this undertaking.

A recent report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) cites the following “Digital technologies can contribute to the fight to stop climate change. That contribution can include smart appliances that make homes more energy-efficient or rooftop solar panels that work in tandem as virtual power plants. Those technologies have the power to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and transform the electric grid.” So in the coming days, it isn’t just sufficient for the electrical grid to just be robust and reliable, it needs to be able to function autonomously and digital technologies are crucial to getting us there. Smart devices plugged into the grid can cut down on both energy and pollution. A clean and green grid will most likely have to be a smart one. A smart grid could be in constant conversation with residential devices such as thermostats to regulate the most optimum temperature for energy saving. An intelligent device can also schedule charging of EVs and other electrical appliances for those times in the day when renewable energy is most abundant.

Some of the more visionary aspects of this smart grid could be a fleet of EVs that functions as a virtual power plant, funneling energy in times of catastrophe and crisis to avenues with urgent need of power. Even a collection of solar panels with suitable digital technology implemented could function as a similar virtual power plant. Opting for conventional energy sources and fossil fuels as a failsafe in such situations should always be the last resort. In the energy hierarchy, being leaner or conserving energy and being keener or driving energy efficiency has always taken more precedence over the use of renewables and clean energy sources. ENPOSS recognizes that saving on daily power usage incrementally and individually has a resounding impact on energy conservation worldwide.

FORCE – a very reliable power saving device prioritizes all aspects of the energy hierarchy – it isn’t just lean and keen, it is also clean and green.

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