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China’s energy crisis - Who is to blame?


Dec 3, 2021

Consumerism : A factor ranking China as the biggest carbon emitter of the World

According to a new study that evaluated the greenhouse gas emissions for 167 cities around the world it was found that half of emissions came from 25 cities, China stands in first place in this category. All the biggest factories are now forced to conserve energy by keeping in check its production.

To avoid meeting targets of reducing emissions, local governments are allowing power cuts for which some actually lack electricity. China’s energy crisis is a threat to all the global supply chains. Consider how many items you own such as clothes,gadgets,cutlery etc which say ‘Made in China’ . The disruption comes as producers and shippers race to meet demand for everything from clothing to toys for the year-end holiday shopping season, grappling with supply lines that have already been upended by soaring raw material costs, long delays at ports and shortages of shipping containers according to TheStraitstimes.

The greenhouse gas emitted during the manufacturing is tailed as China’s and not the country the purchase is made by and used. Statistically carbon emissions are usually recorded according to the principal producer and not the consumer. But logically how can this be fair? Countries around the world import chinese products for lower cost but China is paying a huge price for the emissions.

We can see that as per the study the producer is not the only one to be blamed, the consumer is too. The world is in dire need and will need to do a lot more to save itself from the existential threat of climate change.

Consumerism is at the heart of this crisis and the change begins with you. This festive season invest in something that makes a difference, we Enposs introduce a device to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Check out our website to know more.

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