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Biden Administration Approves Charging Stations in 35 States

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Dec 23, 2022

Biden Administration has created and funded the Infrastructure Law to build about 5000,000 EV Charging Stations with funding of $1trillion

The world today is becoming more and more conscious of the Global threat Climate Change caused by greenhouse emissions. The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emission about 27% by 2020.

And the greenhouse emissions from transportation primarily comes from burning fossil fuel for our cars,trucks,ships,trains and planes.

Road transportation globally is leading in global greenhouse emissions after electricity generation and heat production. 

To reduce the Global threat electric vehicles have been considered the best solution that the world is looking up to today.

The US market share of EV(Electric Vehicles) have grown up to 4.6℅ by the start of 2022. However with this huge leap in EV's market comes a great responsibility of making charging stations available. 

To achieve this goal Biden's Administration has approved 35 out of 52 EV Infrastructure Deployment Plans on Wednesday. This program was created and funded by The Infrastructure Law to build about 5000,000 EV Charging Stations with funding of $1trillion.

States had until Aug. 1 to submit EV infrastructure deployment plans to the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, created by the U.S. Energy and Transportation departments in December to assist with planning and implementation of a national EV charging network, including distributing funds to states.

This step of the federal government can be a huge step in raising EV sales and use in the US and encouraging the use of EVs. 

It will not be surprising any more if we see an impressive growth in EVs in the US which will be environment friendly. 

This step could be beneficial for the environment and help in the reduction of CO2 from the atmosphere.FORCE an energy saving device of Enposs which can be installed to all the EV charging stations and units to save the loss of electricity and also help and contribute in reducing CO2 emissions. 

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