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ANHEUSER-BUSCH’S “Purpose beyond brewing” reaches 100% Renewable energy goal

Recurrent Energy

Aug 23, 2021

Anheuser Busch reaches 100% renewable goal four years ahead of schedule with solar and wind energy.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, commonly known as AB inBev, is the world's largest brewer. By supporting the 2025 sustainability goal of using 100% electricity from renewables they announced on June 1st 2021 that their brands collectively are now brewed with 100% of renewable electricity from solar and wind power, achieving this goal four years ahead of schedule.

The AB inBev solar farm, Pecos county, Texas, partnering with Recurrent Energy for the beverage industry is the largest solar project in the USA with about 2,000 acre solar energy facility. By numbers, according to Anheuser – Busch, - Almost 800,000 solar panels were spread across eight square kilometres. If lined up the panels would span from New York City to Orlando. - The facility generates 650GW/hrs annually with a capacity of 222MW (ac) that is enough electricity to power 55,000 American households or brew 20 billion 12 oz. servings of beer each year. - Construction took two years and created approximately 500 full-time jobs. The company will be donating $100,000 to the Green Restaurant Association to show their support in creating environmental sustainability and celebrating this milestone.

Budweiser and Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold had previously announced that their brands are brewed with electricity generated from 100% renewable energy. With the Anheuser-Busch Solar Farm online, the early achievement of this goal ensures consumers enjoy any Anheuser-Busch domestic beer or seltzer brand knowing their choice of brew was brewed with sustainability in mind.

With our product FORCE, we at Enposs strive towards the same goal to save electricity and reduce Co2 Emissions sustainably. We congratulate the whole team of Anheuser- Busch for the right choices made towards making the world a better, safer place to stay and build a hopeful future.

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