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50% of America's automobiles to go electric by 2030 says President Biden.


Sep 3, 2021

President outlines a proposal to tackle climate crisis by curbing emissions and enforcing stringent pollution standards

President Joe Biden has set a goal to make half of America’s vehicles electric by 2030. The plan is to take steps towards curbing emissions from the largest source of planet-heating gases- the transportation sector. The future of the car industry is “electric and there is no turning back” , says Biden.

Fuel efficiency and emission standards were announced by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S Department of Transportation.

From 2023, new cars will be required to emit 10% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year, with further reductions of 5% a year mandated until 2026. These estimated rules made by both the agencies collectively save about 200 billion gallons of gasoline, reducing about two billion metric tons of Co2 Emissions and saving drivers from spending hundreds of dollars on fuel.

Many big vehicles manufacturing and supply chains in the US like Ford, GM and Stellantis confirmed that the companies were aiming for 40% to 50% of electric sales by 2030. Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota agreed to support this 2030 movement to be EV’s.

Biden's proposed rules, which cover 2023-2026, are expected to be similar in overall vehicle emissions reductions to California's 2019 deal with some automakers aiming to improve fuel economy 3.7% annually through 2026, sources told Reuters.

A target to reach net zero emissions by 2050 has been set by Biden provided the US eliminates gasoline and diesel car sales by 2035. This move to electric vehicles is something worth celebrating. Investing in green technologies is an investment into our future generations.

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