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4 Promising Energy Conservation Techniques


Mar 14, 2022

In the past year, as spiking costs of gas and heating bills are a cause for concern. These promising energy efficiency innovations and energy conservation techniques are offering a ray of hope.

In the last year, about 20% of Americans struggled to pay their energy bill in full at least once, according to a recent study. At the same time, 18% kept their house at a temperature that was either unhealthy or unsafe. Inflation has jumped 6.2% in the past year, spiking the costs of gas and heating bills.

At times like these, many promising energy efficiency innovations and energy conservation techniques are rising to the forefront and offering a ray of hope. An international team of scientists in Singapore has created a new and highly energy-efficient form of “smart window.” Their proprietary material, when coated on glass window panels, reacts and adjusts to light to regulate ambient temperatures. This novel technology can switch between heating and cooling depending on incoming light wavelengths, thereby slashing energy usage and cost used to control indoor climate.

A French transport infrastructure company patented solar paved highways recently. The road pavement uses traditional solar cells, protected in a proprietary frame that allows the road surface to generate clean energy under heavy vehicles. Microgrids are local energy grids that can operate independently or by staying connected to a bigger conventional grid. They are great energy savers and an attractive option during contingencies. The Brooklyn microgrid has been using Blockchain technology in conjunction with the IoT(Internet of Things) to tackle inefficient energy distribution.

ENPOSS’s proprietary device FORCE improves the flow of electrical current and absorbs energy losses by the usage of tourmaline nano-particles. It is an energy saving home upgrade that pays for itself! Without energy efficiency, the nation’s harmful carbon emissions would be 60% higher. In a warming and decarbonizing world, energy efficiency’s importance will only grow. Upgrade to energy efficiency and try FORCE today! The world can't afford to wait.

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