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10 Tips to survive a Power outage

Family Handyman

Feb 11, 2022

Read on to learn how we can save ourselves, our home and our wallets by planning ahead this winter with energy conservation techniques.

The power grid has been tested many times due to extreme weather. Many have lost power for months due to unavoidable Hurricanes in the US. Power outages if not planned for can be devastating and expensive rather than an inconvenience.

Read on to learn how we can save ourselves, our home and our wallets with some energy conservation techniques this winter.

- Switch off and unplug all electronics except for one light switch to know if the power is restored.

- Make use of the sun by keeping in store the solar lamps and chargers. Also solar landscape lights give low lighting for hours and unlike candles, that have a risk causing a fire.

- Be on the lookout for carbon monoxide as it is produced when anything burns which kills or sickens people during power outages.

- The food in the freezer if not opened that is below 40 degrees will stay frozen for one to three days or more. Use a sign “DO NOT OPEN’ as a reminder on the door.

- With no power, chances are the municipal water stops flowing. Fill your buckets, sink, and bathtubs with water for washing, drinking and flushing the toilets.

- If your water heater is a gas model without power venting, fill the sinks and tubs with hot water to heat your house and keep warm.

- Always remember, you can charge your phone with your car. The battery has a lot of power saved to charge mobile phones or tablets.

- Amplify lights with mirrors as they reflect and increase the brightness.

- Outages that happen during a flood, the dishwater can be used to put your valuables as they are waterproof and are durable.

- Most of all, never forget to share any resource for those in need.

- Being proactive during such times is key. We would also like to introduce you to our energy saving device

- FORCE that you can invest on for an energy efficient home. Force can be used with anything that has electricity. It reduces power consumption by 5- 15% and saves electricity bill up to 10-20%.

Force is used alongside renewables can greatly benefit your households.

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